Program Goals


  1. The student will demonstrate the skills necessary to practice autonomously with competence, integrity, and compassion in a variety of settings across the life span.
  2. The student will develop critical inquiry skills related to research.
  3. The student will communicate effectively and appropriately with diverse populations including colleagues, patients and the public.
  4. The student will be an advocate for service to the profession, patients, and the community.


  1. The faculty will engage in teaching, scholarly activities, the promotion of evidence-based practice, and the pursuit of continuous professional development.
  2. The faculty will participate in activities related to service to the university, the profession and the community.


  1. The program, through its diverse faculty and students, will show a commitment to the profession of physical therapy through service, leadership and advocacy.
  2. The program will promote the health of minority and underserved populations through engagement in prevention and wellness activities in teaching, research and service.
  3. The program will produce graduates who are representative of and who will serve a multicultural society.