CAMI Research Areas

Proton therapy (Contact Person: Dr. Paul Gueye)

Radio-biologically optimize treatment planning The ultimate objective of our research is to facilitate the expected benefits of increasingly conformal treatment capabilities, as well as to prevent harm from the anticipated near-term technological improvements in proton radiotherapy, by fully characterizing the radiobiological effects of therapeutic proton beams and by providing vastly improved cell-killing models for treatment planning algorithms.

Partial breast irradiation Recently, methods for accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) have been developed. These allow patients to complete radiation treatment in 5 days. Our research efforts are directed towards technology development for intracavitary brachytherapy (IB), which is a new method for APBI, gaining widespread popularity for its simplicity, brevity, and reduction of morbidity traditionally associated with WBRT. Successful implementation of the proposed technology will make this excellent new procedure available to a larger population of women, as well as cosmetically more favorable to all. The improved access to APBI and therefore also to BCT will indisputably reduce breast tumor recurrence and hence also the mortality associated with it.