Department of Mathematics Faculty and Staff

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Faculty Member Position Telephone
Dr. Arun K. Verma Chair and Endowed University Professor 757-727-5352
Dr. Halima N. Ali Professor 757-728-6982
Dr. Francis Erebholo Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Program 757-727-5550
Dr. Dejenie A. Lakew Assistant Professor 757-727-5842
Dr. Huihui Lin Assistant Professor 757-727-5549
Dr. Ridha Moussa Assistant Professor 757-728-6840
Dr. Alkesh R. Punjabi Professor and Director of Center for Fusion Research 757-727-5343
Dr. Nar Rawal Assistant Professor 757-727-5375
Ms. Gabrielle Smith Instructor 757-727-5364
Dr. James Tipton Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Program 757-727-5889
Administrative Staff Member Position Telephone
Mr. Graham Fogelgren (email: Secretary to the Department 757-727-5352