Department of Computer Science Faculty & Staff

Dr. Jean Muhammad Dr. Jean Muhammad Chair, Computer Science Location:Science and Technology120 Phone:757-727-5564 Expertise:Distributed Agents, Software Engineering

Dr. Muhammad earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Florida State University in 2005. NPSC Fellowship Award Winner 1996. Teaching Experience: Florida State, Florida A&M.  Professional experience: AT&T Bell labs, currently Lucent Technologies, 1989-1996.

Research Interests: Distributed Agents, Software Engineering


Curriculum Vitae(PDF File)

Recent Publications:

  • Muhammad, Jean A. 2005. A Framework for Agency.  Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Computer Science, Florida State University.
  • Muhammad, Jean A. 2005. Cooperative Agent Framework. In the Proceeding of JCIS’2005, 8th Joint Conference on Information Sciences, Salt Lake City, Utah. July 2005.
  • Muhammad, Jean A. 1999. Co-operative Agents via Relational Generalized Homomorphisms.  Master Thesis, Department of Computer Science, Florida State University.