The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has a dedicated and highly trainined faculty with state of the art facilities to include new instrumentation and computers labs. We invite you to learn more about the Program.

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Dr. Isai Urasa
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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Prospective Students

As a prospective student, you probably have a few questions about our program. We have tried to anticipate those questions and have talked to our current students about your potential concerns. Here is a question and answer page for you to review. If you have additional questions, please contact us through email at

Why should I be interested in the Hampton University Chemistry degree program?
Every year, we are pleased to learn of the successes of our graduates. Past graduates express that they are well prepared for graduate, medical and other professional schools. The Hampton University Chemistry degree program allows you to prepare for a variety of job opportunities but more importantly we hope that you will consider pursuing an advanced degree in Chemistry. The Hampton University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has a strong curriculum and opportunities for undergraduate research. Our campus is well known locally and nationally for its beauty and location and there are plenty of social organizations to participate in.
What is ACS certification?
ACS certification is an official recognition by the American Chemical Society's Committee on Professional Training (CPT). The ACS guidelines provide that our program meets the standards of a high quality undergraduate chemistry program. By reviewing the curriculum and other aspects of the Department and University, the American Chemical Society provides a standard of excellence for our activities. Our certification is reviewed regularly.
What are the opportuities for undergraduate research?
Beginning in the freshman year, chemistry majors can start to learn about and perform chemical research. As you progress through the program, you will build on your experience, knowledge and skills. Often, students attend other universities during the summer or particiapate in the Research Abroad program .This past year, several students presented posters at the School of Science Research Symposium and were awarded for their work in various areas to include computational chemistry and biochemistry.
Is there scholarship money available?
The University has information on scholarships at the financial aid office. The Office maintains information on Undergraduate Scholarships.
The Department can also have funding available for summer programs and faculty research programs. Stop by the main Office located in Turner Hll, room 220 for more information.
There are other opportunities that include involvement in special programs. If and when slots open up in any of these programs, the opportunities are announced.
What graduate schools have HU Chemistry graduates attended?
Former graduates have entered advanced degree programs at MIT, Stanford University, Purdue University, Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University, University of Florida, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, University of Pennsylvania, and several others. Several graduates have entered medical school at Johns Hopkins, UNC-Chapel Hill, University of Rochester, Duke University, and Medical College of Virginia and Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.