Undergraduate Advising

Student Advising is done on four levels:

1. Incoming Freshman Advising:
During the first semester of matriculation at Hampton University, the Freshman Office staff in cooperation with designated faculty in the academic departments advises all freshman students.
2. Freshman Year Advising:
The joint advising described above converts to departmental freshman year advising which a designated chemistry faculty member does. The Freshman Year Advisor is a departmental assignment, which is rotated every two years.
3. Departmental Advising:
After the freshman year, all chemistry majors are assigned to one of four designated chemistry faculty members for advising. A list of advisors and corresponding advisees will be posted in the department once the assignments are made at the beginning of the academic year.
4. Other modes of Student Advising:
Students receive advising services by participating in undergraduate research and student organizations. Dr. Isai Urasa, the Department Chair, who teaches Senior Seminar, uses that time to advise students about application to graduate and medical school and in matters related to graduation as a whole.