Department of Chemistry NMR Laboratory

NMR Policies and Procedures

Introduction and use of the NMR Facility

  • All Users must be trained by Dr. Nwokogu.
  • Training sessions are currently being scheduled.
  • Please do not attempt to run experiments or perform other operations that you have not been trained for.
  • Report problems as soon as possible.

Safety in the NMR lab

  • Observe and comply with all posted signs. DO NOT place any metal objects, credit cards or other magnetic objects near the magnet. Persons with pacemakers or metal implants are not permitted in the magnet room.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the NMR lab.

Standard Operating Policies

  • All users must be trained by Dr. Godson Nwokogu.
  • Dr. Nwokogu reserves the right to deny privileges. Users who have insufficient knowledge or who engage in unsafe practices or other unacceptable behavior will be denied access to the facility.
  • Chemical samples are prepared prior to entering the NMR .
  • No chemical bottles or pipettes are allowed on the computer desk, console or near the magnet.
  • Sample tubes must be at least 7 inches in length and rated for 400 MHz or better.
  • No cracked or chipped NMR tubes should be used. Check the tubes carefully prior to use.

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  • All spectrometer and cryogenic maintenance is scheduled and handled by Dr. Nwokogu.
  • Cryogenics are delivered weekly for magnet maintenance.


  • Training workshops will be scheduled and the schedule will be posted. These short classes include lectures, demonstrations and individual training at the instrument.
  • Individual training is available at all times.

Use of the Facility by Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Classes:

  • Accessing Data files
  • Processing Data files
    • Computers in room 137 have been loaded with the Delta software. The version on these computers will permit data processing ONLY
  • Archiving Data files
  • Scheduling an Experiment
  • Access to the Spectrometer

The purchase and installation of this instrument(JEOL ECS 400 MHz NMR Magnet)
was funded by National Science Foundation Grant No. CHE-0722510.