Department of Chemistry Academic Year 2011-12 News

Graduation 2012

The Department is proud to congratulate the following students and offer best wishes for a successful and bright future.

The class of 2012 included the first year for students graduating with the degree in Biochemistry.

2012 Chemistry Graduates
Jasmine L.Austin, B.S. Biochemistry
Kelli D. Barnes, B.S. Biochemistry
Lyndsey E. Brightful, B.S. Chemistry
Kandace Cole, B.S. Chemistry
Zachary D. DeHart, B.S. Chemistry
Alisha D.Henderson, B.S. Chemistry (Forensic)
Alexandria S.McLaurin, B.S. Chemistry (Forensic)
Janee B.Palmer, B.S. Chemistry
Jay L.Reynolds, B.S. Chemistry (Forensic)
Toiya N.Turknett, B.S. Biochemistry
Gabrielle N.Woodard, B.S. Chemistry
2012 Graduates with Dr. Isai Urasa
2012 Graduates with Dr. Isai Urasa

Several students have been accepted into other programs following graduation.

  • Kelli Barnes plans to attend Mercer University for a PharmD.
  • Lyndsey Brightful will join Teach for America and will teach secondary math in Baltimore, MD. while pursuing a dual masters in applied math and secondary STEM education.
  • Alisha Henderson will pursue PhD.program in analytical chemistry at Georgia Tech where she has been awarded full financial support.
  • Alexandria McLaurin will attend George Washington University for an M.S. in Forensic Science.

Retirement Announcement

Dr. Larry (Tin-Tung) Cheung will retire at the end of the Spring 2012 semester.

A special dinner hosted by the Department of Chemistry was held on May 19th, 2012 to honor Dr. Cheung and recognize his many accomplishments and years of service. Faculty and staff gathered to share reflections with Dr. Cheung on his years at Hampton University. We were pleased to have other invited guests in attendance to include Dr. Calvin Lowe, Dean of the School of Science and several chemistry department retirees.

As the evening came to an end , Dr. Urasa presented Dr. Cheung with a special gift and words were expressed for a job well done. We wish him a happy and healthy retirement.

Student Recognition

Kelli Barnes and Alisha Henderson were recently recognized by the Hampton Roads chapter of the American Chemical Society.

At the year end meeting held on April 16th, each student was awarded a certificate along with a copy of the Merck Index and $100.00.

Chemistry Department Outreach

Eighth graders from Spratley Gifted Center visited HU on for hands-on laboratory experiences in Physics, Computer Science, Atmospheric Science, Mathematics and Chemistry. Twenty students visited the Department of Chemistry where Dr. Bump demonstrated several chemical principles (including the glowing pickle).

Drs. Hatch and Waddell had several experiments set up for students to perform to include DNA extraction, chromatography and gas pressure studies.

The students were enthusiastic and enjoyed learning about the power of air pressure from the egg in a bottle demonstration.

August 2012

We are excited to welcome incoming freshman to the Chemistry program and pleased to see that the Biochemistry track is continuing to grow. Faculty and students met on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 in preparation for the upcoming academic year. During the introductions, students expressed interest in medicine, chemical research, forensics and the MD/PhD degree. Everyone in the Department is looking forward to helping the incoming freshman meet their career goals.

REMINDER*******All Chemistry majors will be meeting on September 10th at 6 PM in room 238 Turner Hall.*******

American Chemical Society National Meeting

Several faculty members attended the 224th ACS National Meeting and Exposition held in Philadelphia, PA. August 19-23 2012. Dr. Charles Bump gave a presentation titled: Peer teaching/lecturing in organic chemistry: Insights gained and lessons learned and Dr. Edmund Ndip gave a presentation titled: Visualizing concepts in chemistry: A case study in physical chemistry. Dr. Isai Urasa attended to serve on the International Activities Committee and the Committee on Professional Training (CPT). Dr. Paranawithana attended the workshop on capillary electrophoresis and the biochemistry presentations.

There were presentations of interest in all divisions with interesting teaching concepts and research methods being discussed.Alumni were in attendance too and the meeting gave faculty a chance to catch up on what has been happening with several of our graduates.

Philadelphia Fall 2012 National ACS meeting link

December 2011 Announcements

  • Dr. Judson Haynes III was elected the Vice President of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE ) for the term of 2011 – 2013.

    For more information, click here »

  • Wesley Glenn is the first author of a publication that appeared in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS). The paper is titled "Reengineering a Tryptophan Halogenase To Preferentially Chlorinate a Direct Alkaloid Precursor" and co-authored with Ezekiel Nims and Sarah E. O’Connor. The citation is J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133 (48), pp 19346–19349. Publication Date (Web): November 3, 2011 (Communication) DOI: 10.1021/ja2089348.

  • Dr. Edmund Ndip attended the 24th annual SC conference in Seattle, Washington. Called SC11, the conference is an international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. While attending the exhibit hall, Dr. Ndip got the opportunity to match wits with IBM supercomputer Watson.

Annual Dinner 2011

On December 2, 2011, the Department of Chemistry hosted the annual dinner in the University Student Center. Faculty and staff provided a buffet of home cooked food while graduate and undergraduate students helped out by providing desserts and drinks. Reflections were provided by students from each class and the evening’s entertainment was a beautiful rendition of "O Holy Night" by senior Toiya Turknett. Dr. Urasa presented student achievement awards and introduced the guest speakers.

The guest speakers for the evening were Regina Easley and Dr. Chenere Ramsey, both HU chemistry department alums. Regina Easley is at the University of South Florida studying chemical oceanography and Dr. Ramsey is currently a post-doc at Emory University School of Medicine conducting research in brain receptor binding. The newly appointed Dean, Dr. Calvin Lowe, provided remarks and the Assistant Dean for the School of Science, Dr. Michelle Claville, also spoke. We thank all of our guests for their inspirational talks and fellowship. Here are a few pictures of the evening’s events.

Annual Dinner 2011
Annual Dinner 2011
Annual Dinner 2011


Faculty and Student Presentations at SERMACS

The Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society ( took place in Richmond, Virginia on October 26 - 29, 2011. Drs. Ndip, Waddell and Urasa made presentations and a Chemistry undergraduate, Brandi Jordan also presented. The presentations were:

  • Characterization of noncovalent fluorescent protein probes and polystyrene beads by way of spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis
    • Brandi Jordan1,, Cayla Lowe2, Kathryn Riley3, Dr. Christa Colyer3. (1) Hampton University, 100 East Queen Street, Hampton, VA 23668, United States, (2) Spelman College, 350 Spelman Lane, South West Atlanta, GA 30314, United States, (3) Chemistry, Wake Forest University, Salem Hall, Box 7486, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27109, United States
  • Design and theoretical studies of model centrosymmetric aromatic heterocyclic aryl styryl vinylene bridged systems for molecular electronics
    • Dr. Edmund Moses Ndip PhD,, Courtney Dula, Marcus Stephens, Angelique Kater, Kandace Cole. Department of Chemistry, Hampton University, East Queen & Tyler Streets, Hampton, VA 23668, United States
  • Synthesis of TPA Centrosymmetric Vinylene-Bridged Aryl Styryl Heterocyclic D-Õ-D Systems for Molecular Electronics
    • Dr. Michelle K Waddell PhD,, Lyndsey Brightful, Janee Palmer, Dr. Edmund Ndip Ph.D.. Department of Chemistry, Hampton University, Turner Hall, Hampton, VA 23668, United States
  • Enhancement of the chemistry program by diversifying the curriculum
    • Dr. Isai T. URASA Ph.D.,, Chemistry, Hampton University, 220 Turner Hall, Hampton, VA 23668, United States.

Homecoming 2011: The Chemistry Club Rides Again

The department was glad to see some alumni return to Campus for homecoming events. For your arrival, we decorated the hallways outside of the Turner Hall main office and got into the festive Homecoming spirit. GO PIRATES!

It has been several years since the Chemistry Club participated in the annual Hampton University Homecoming Parade but this year, the club participated with enthusiasm. The parade was held on Saturday, October 22, 2011, originating in downtown Hampton and ended on Campus. A  Mr. and Miss Chemistry Club were nominated to ride in the parade and Dr. Darby, the club’s faculty sponsor, served as the driver.  Members of the Club rode along and cheered to the spectators. Here’s a few pictures of the fun.

The Hampton University Chemistry Club Rocks the Blue and White after the Homecoming Parade

B.S. Degree in Biochemistry

The Department of Chemistry has received a grant of $293,853 from the National Science Foundation to implement a newly established B.S. degree program in Biochemistry.  This is a carefully designed curriculum that combines key topics in biological, chemical, mathematical and other sciences to provide the student an educational experience leading to an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry.  The program will place Hampton University in a rather unique position in three respects: (1) we will be one of very few institutions that offer an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry; only three other HBCUs offer this degree; (2) it will promote our visibility for student recruitment and also enhance our competitiveness for research and other programmatic grants; and (3) the program will provide a suitable medical/biomedical career path alternative for the large number of students who matriculate at HU with medical careers in mind.

Faculty Accomplishments

Congratulatations to Dr. Godson N. Nwokogu on being awarded the 2011 Edward L. Hamm Teaching Award.The Department continues to be acknowledged by the University for its teaching excellence.