Department of Chemistry Academic Year 2006-07 News

Members of the Class of 2007

Dr. Urasa and members of the
class of 2007 at Graduation.

Benjamin Cobb, Ashley Harris, Dawn Scott,
Courtney Dula, Puanani Rebeiro,
Gilda Sibedwo, Tiffany Hailstorks,
Shana Sanders, Erica Williams-Taylor.

Congratulations to the Class of 2007!

Student Recognition and Acknowledgements

Tiffany Hailstorks will attend Meharry Medical College.

Ashley Harris will attend UNC Chapel Hill for Dental School.

Erica Williams-Taylor will attend George Washington University for a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry. Erica was also the recipient of the American Chemical Society Hampton Roads local section Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry Award

Courtney Dula was awarded first place in a poster session in the 12th annual School of Science Research Symposium. Her research with Dr. Anael Kimaro involved developing biosensors.

Gilda Sibedwo, Courtney Dula and Dawn Scott received a third place award at the School of Science Symposium for their poster based on the work they performed with Dr. Edmund Ndip involving computational studies of furan, pyrrole and thiophene based organic semiconductors.

Faculty Recognition and Acknowledgements

Dr. Edmund Ndip received a Mentorship Award from the New Horizons Governor’s School in Hampton in recognition of his participation in the mentoring program. He has participated for over five years in this program. 


New faculty additions:

We are pleased to welcome to the HU Chemistry family, two new faculty additions:

Dr. Patricia Hatch, Ph.D. (Biochemistry), Carnegie Mellon University, will join the Department of Chemistry in the fall as Coordinator of the Forensic Chemistry program, and a Professor in Biochemistry.

Dr. Michelle Waddell, Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry), will join the Department in the fall as a member of the Organic Chemistry group.


After thirty years of service, Dr. Wing H. Leung retired in May, 2007. We wish him all the best in his retirement endeavors. A celebration was held on May 18th at a local restaurant. Several speakers expressed gratitude for Dr. Leung’s commitment to teaching and student success.


As always, we look forward to hearing from alumni and hope that everyone is doing well. Don't hesitate to contact us.