Dr. Barbara Abraham

Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Barbara Abraham earned her Ph.D. in Biology/Ecology from Utah State University investigating Spatial and Temporal Changes in Spider Communities and received her MS in Animal Behavior at Iowa State University investigating acoustic communication in long horned grasshoppers. Dr. Abraham teaches Introduction to Biology lecture and laboratories, Zoology labs, Research Problems, Medical Entomology, Toxic and Venomous Animals, and Evolution. Dr. Abraham is the Faculty Advisor of the Ecology Club, which is a chapter of the national Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity, and Sustainability (SEEDS) program of the Ecological Society of America. She also serves on the Advisory Board of the SEEDS program. Dr. Abraham’s research interests are spiders, conservation of native bees and native plants through studies of plant - pollinator interactions and the improvement of biology education through the use of technology, active learning, and formative assessment.

Educational Background:
Ph.D. (Biology/Ecology), Utah State University, 1980

Classes Taught:
Botany, Ecology, Entomology, General Biology (majors and non-majors courses), General Zoology, Graduate Research Problems, The Individual and Life (freshman orientation), MCAT Biology (Post-Bac Program), Medical Entomology, Organic Evolution, Parasitology, Pre-College Biology, Scientific Literacy (Honors Seminar), Toxic and Venomous Animals, Undergraduate Research Problems, Verbal Reasoning (Post-Bac Program)

Research Interests:
Ph.D., 1980; Utah State University. Terrestrial arthropod community ecology and biodiversity surveys; insect and spider behavior and ecology; scientific research on teaching and learning biology.


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