Dr. Ping-Ping Rong



Phenix, Room 119E

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Dr. Ping-Ping Rong

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Rong earned her Ph.D. in Earth & Planetary Science in May of 2003 and M.S. in Earth & Planetary Science in May of 1999 at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Rong received her M.S. in Geophysics at Peking University in July of 1994. NASA Group Award for Outstanding Achievement for Understanding Middle to Upper Atmosphere (SABER/TIMED mission) presented to Dr. Rong in September, 2008. Dr. Rong has been a Research Assistant Professor at Hampton University since May 2005.

Research Interests: Large satellite data sets validation studies, Polar mesosphere clouds morphology, Middle to upper atmospheric dynamics, physics, and chemistry, Polar vortex dynamics and trace gases transport, general vortex dynamics, Climate variability study (data analysis and diagnostic modeling).

Curriculum Vitae (PDF File)


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  • Ping-ping Rong and Liu Shi-Da, An Investigation of Basic Characteristics of Climate Change on Different Time Scales, Climatic and Environmental Research, Vol. 2, No. 1., 1997 (China).