Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (APS) Past Announcements

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Congratulations to Melissa Yesalusky on being selected to receive a NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program (GSRP) fellowship award for the 2011-2012 academic year. NASA - GSRP is an agency-wide fellowship program (also called GSRP Training Grants) for graduate study leading to a masters or doctoral degree in the fields of science, mathematics, and engineering related to NASA research and development. This twelve month award requires students to participate in a 10 week NASA Center or HQ-based research experience at the NASA Center/HQ extending the GSRP Fellowship award. Congratulations on her selection!


Congratulations to Nicole Pothier and Simone Hyater-Adams on receiving a Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC) Aerospace Research Fellowship award for the 2011-2012 academic year. VSGC Fellowships are intended to supplement and enhance basic graduate research support, or teaching assistantships, and other non-federal scholarships and fellowships. Congratulations on their selection!


Hampton University has received a $6.3 million contract extension from NASA to continue researching mysterious noctilucent or "night-shining" clouds in Earth's polar regions and their relationship to climate change.


In December 2009, Dr. James Russell, Associate Professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Science, was awarded $10.5 Million Dollars to continue studies of noctilucent or "night shining" clouds in space. Dr. Russell is the Principal Investigator of the satellite mission and Co-Director of the Hampton University Center for Atmospheric Sciences.


The Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences and its associated research center, the Center for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) have obtained international recognition for Hampton University in areas of geophysical science through the scientific contributions of its faculty.


The Co-Directors of Center for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) have been recognized as Virginia Outstanding Scientists of 2007-2008 for their scientific accomplishments and leadership in the field of science. James M. Russell, III is the Principal Investigator for the AIM Satellite Mission that studies mysterious “noctilucent” or night shinning clouds that form in Earth’s Polar Regions, a NASA Small Explorer, which is an approximately $140M NASA spacecraft mission managed entirely by Hampton University. M. Patrick McCormick is the Principal Investigator for NASA’s SAM II, SAGE I, II and III satellite experiments. These experiments produce global data that studies aerosols, gaseous species and chemical and dynamical processes in the middle atmosphere. He is also Co-Principal Investigator for the satellite CALIPSO. CALIPSO, Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation, was developed in part by Hampton University and launched by NASA in 2006. It will eventually help improve scientists' understanding of the global climate, hurricanes and temperature changes.


Farewell to Dr. Hiren Jethva (Postdoctoral Fellow) who has gone to NASA Goddard Space Center, Dr. Hovakim Nazaryan (Research Assistant Professor) who has gone to the Skin of Color Research Institute at Hampton University and Dr. Zhong Chen (Research Assistant Professor) who has gone to Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI). APS wishes them well in their future endeavors and would like to thank them for their contributions to our department's success.

Most Recent Faculty Additions

Visiting Research Scientist and Scholar

Liqiao Lei is from Qing Tong Xia, Ningxia, China. She received her Bachelors in Physics at NingXia University in 2001. In 2004, she received her Master's in Atmospheric Optics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China and the University of Science & Technology of China (USTC). Liqiao is pursuing her doctoral degree at the School of Instrumentation and Opto-Electronic Engineering at Hefei University of Technology, majoring in atmosphere radar and satellite meteorology.

Liqiao is here as a research scholar under Dr. M. Patrick McCormick, Center for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS), Co-Director and Professor to develop and broaden her knowledge in atmospheric remote sensing.

Visiting National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Jia Yue is an Advanced Study Program Postdoctoral Fellow at the High Altitude Observatory, National Center for Atmospheric Research. He received his B.S. from Shanghai Jiaotong University, a M.S. from University of Alaska Fairbanks, and a Ph.D. from Colorado State University in 2009, all in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Yue's work include: sodium lidar development, observation and data analysis; airglow imager development and observations; atmospheric waves. His current research focuses on: numerical modeling and interpretive studies of the dynamics, structure and transport of the Earth's middle and upper atmosphere using NCAR GCM models TIME-GCM and WACCM, and airborne sodium lidar development. During the 2011 Fall Semester at Hampton University, Dr. Yue taught APS/750, Atmospheric Measurements.